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Gain the Skills for a Career in Masonry at ABC Institute

Thinking about a career at a construction company? Construction workers often find their occupations fulfilling and exciting. No two days are quite the same on a construction job, even for more labor-intensive tasks such as masonry. Masons serve a crucial role at a construction site, creating foundations and walls for the brand-new structure. At ABC Institute in South Florida, we’re excited to help train the next faction of masonry professionals. Our instructors are some of the top professionals in their field and they are at your disposal whenever you need assistance during one of our courses. Find out more about our masonry courses.

Learn More About Masonry on Construction Jobs

To say masonry has been around for a long time is an understatement. The ancient Egyptians used advanced masonry techniques, as did the Assyrians, Persians, and even the prehistoric peoples of Ireland. Today, we utilize masonry skills to build a wide range of structures. Construction workers use bricks, concrete blocks, and various types of stone to construct buildings, binding these pieces together with mortar. This technique often sets the foundation for new buildings and results in a very durable, low-maintenance structure. When laid by professional masons, the final product is a beautiful structure built to stay within the client’s budget. ABC Institute in South Florida is here to teach aspiring construction workers best practices for masonry.

What Will I Learn in ABC Institute’s Masonry Program?

There’s no shortage of aptitudes masons need to succeed in their profession. Besides a general understanding of construction management, masonry experts need training in a plethora of areas. ABC Institute’s training in masonry is designed to give students all the technical skills they need to succeed in building construction. Our trade program teaches aspiring masons the following techniques and more:

  • Aligning bricks and stone either horizontally or vertically
  • Using essential tools like levels, power grinders, and more
  • Laying out preliminary foundation and walls
  • Cutting into brick or stone walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Removing old or unnecessary parts and rebuilding structures
  • Observing safety standards and correcting dangerous problems, according to OSHA guidelines


Skills of Successful Masonry Professionals in South Florida

To be successful in masonry, you need a few skills and character traits. Some of the best masons hone their abilities to work in a team, as well as their drawing skills. Besides this, construction workers specializing in masonry must be able to make basic calculations and have a strong aptitude to follow instructions down to the letter. However, some of the qualities of successful masons we can’t teach. As you work through your ABC Institute masonry course, be sure to focus on building creative skills, exercising initiative whenever possible, and keep yourself in good health. Check our student qualifications for additional requirements you’ll need to meet to enroll in the masonry trade program in South Florida.

A Bright Career Outlook for Masonry 

If you’re looking at a career in masonry, good news! The job market for masons isn’t going away any time soon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for masons is projected to grow 12% by 2026. This means your new career field is growing much faster than average for all occupations. As more people hire construction companies to build new homes and commercial buildings, so grows the need for skilled masons in the South Florida region. After a masonry course at ABC institute, you’ll be ready to take on this growing profession with competence and high specialization. 

Masonry is a Lucrative Career in Construction Management 

In addition to being in an in-demand career, masonry is well-compensated. In 2018, the median salary for masons was nearly $45,000. With high specialization, optimal skills, and a little bit of luck, you could find yourself among the top salary bracket for masons, which sometimes exceeds $77,000 per year or $37 per hour. ABC Institute has helped many masons achieve high-paying positions throughout South Florida. 

What to Learn More About Becoming a Mason? 

Does masonry sound like the career path for you? This lucrative career is set to be around for years to come, so investing in training now will have lasting payoffs. Whether you want an entry-level job as a mason on a construction job or already have some work experience, the programs at ABC Institute have something for you. You don’t have to wait to jumpstart your construction career in South Florida when you can enroll in our trade programs. We’re not-for-profit and boast several connections with established industry professionals. Get in touch with our staff for more information on our masonry program.

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