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Earn Your Credentials in Electrical Work from ABC Institute.

Electrical work has many facets, all of which are crucial to a successful construction job. After all, just imagine an office building without lighting or a manufacturing facility without mechanical controls. If you’re looking to get your start in this field, consider a trade program from ABC Institute. We work to train aspiring electrical experts to be leaders in their industry. Not only do our students go on to become talented electricians, but they also continue to larger roles within construction management. Ready to learn more about this exciting career field? Request more information on our comprehensive training programs.

Become an Electrical Contractor in South Florida.

Electrical contractors have a skillset indispensable to a construction company. Experts in the electrical field are responsible for several aspects of the job, including a few tasks behind the scenes. Of course, electrical contractors in South Florida are in charge of installing appliances and wiring, but they’re also tasked with risk assessment, computer-aided design (CAD), and preventative maintenance. All construction sites are different, so this job brings new challenges daily. ABC Institute and our instructors are here to help prospective electrical contractors prepare for the challenges brought on by their daily work.

Work in Electrical Design and Building.

Electrical construction workers are vital for nearly every phase of the construction process. Our trade programs educate students on some of the most common areas in which electricians are needed. Construction companies often hire electrical workers to design and build jobs. Electricians specialized for these duties have increased skills in coordination and organization can problem solve as they work. 

Learn to Install Lighting and Various Control Systems.

Among an electrician’s most important tasks are installing lighting and control systems. They may work with interior or exterior systems, checking for any issues, giving input on design, and updating the client on the latest technology. Those working in construction management will often write up maintenance contracts for high-paying clients and offer upkeep services as necessary. Electricians who study with ABC Institute learn about these documents, as well as how to effectively keep records and manage a database.

Take on the Responsibilities of Pre-Construction.

Pre-construction electrical work is often just as important as the actual installation itself. South Florida Electricians working in this aspect of building construction help decide on a plan for electrical components to be installed. They may determine what supplies are needed, evaluate the needs of the client, and keep accurate budgets and schedules. Pre-construction electricians may also be responsible for providing updates for the projected cost and end date, if necessary. All in all, these electrical professionals are instrumental in streamlining the construction process and promoting collaboration among all parties. Not confident in your organization skills? ABC Institute will help you hone your organization abilities into solid resume skills.

Get Training in Crucial Repair Work and Troubleshooting.

No matter the quality of installation, things can always go awry. When a problem occurs with an electrical system, ABC Institute-trained electricians are there to troubleshoot and come up with a solution. They may manage risks during a construction job, or they may address problems once construction has been completed. We train all of our South Florida students on OSHA requirements, so you’ll be sure to know the ins and outs of safety standards and compliance.

What Is the Outlook for Careers in Electrical Contracting?

Like many professions with building construction in South Florida, electrician employment will likely grow by 10% by 2028. This rate is much faster in comparison to other occupations, especially outside of the construction industry. Considering the amount of new construction throughout the South Florida area, it’s no surprise we need more and more electricians to satisfy the demand.

Earn High Pay for Electrical Work on Construction Jobs

For many skilled construction workers, electrical expertise earns them an exceptional pay rate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for electricians in 2018 was over $55,000 or $26 per hour. You can earn even more if you continue your education to become an electrical technician or installer and repairer. Talk to the staff at ABC Institute for the specific careers of our trade programs

Reinvigorate Your Construction Career with Trade Programs

No matter which aspect of electrical work interests you, consider enrolling in a trade program at ABC Institute. We’re here to train the next generation of reliable construction workers who go on to be leaders in their field. Whether you’re working toward a lucrative career in construction management or you’ve had a lifelong interest in electrical wiring, we’re South Florida’s premier education program. If you’re ready to take the next step in your construction career, contact the staff at ABC Institute for more information.

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