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Contractor’s License Renewal CEU Requirement Seminars

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May 10 & 11, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM (May 10)
8:00 AM – 1:45 PM (May 11)
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ABC Institute Training Center
3720 Coconut Creek Parkway
Coconut Creek, FL 33066


ABC Member – $99.95,
Non-Member – $124.95
(includes lunch for both days)


Construction Defects

In this segment, the instructor will discuss the requirements of Chapter 558, Florida Statute – Notice to Cure and the recent amendments to the statute. This segment will also focus on what comprises a construction defect claim.

Indemnity Provisions

This segment focuses on various contractual indemnity provisions in form contracts. The instructor will discuss Florida Statute 725.06. The subject covers how indemnification shifts risk and how insurance works with indemnification.

Issues in Public Procurement

This course will cover current issues with competitive bidding and bid protests. The instructor will discuss small business issues, local hiring requirements and implementation of dispute review boards.

Delay Damages

This subject focuses on the legal aspects of scheduling and project delays. The subject will focus on project scheduling, a notice of delays, time extensions and the difference between compensable and non-compensable delays.

Worker’s Compensation

This segment covers the responsibilities of all construction companies working on a project to provide worker’s compensation insurance for all personnel on site unless the contractor is exempted. The session will cover the Florida Worker’s Compensation Statute. The segment will cover the contractor’s EMR and changes to the methodologies for computing the EMR. The session will discuss ways and ideas to assist contractors to make sure that all workers on a project have the required coverage.

Florida Rules and Regulations that Affect Your Bottom Line

This section deals with licensing requirements under Fla. Stat. 489. The instructor will discuss the authority of the CLIB, the duties, and responsibilities of a licensed contractor, the duties and benefits of a Financially Responsible Officer and how contractors can violate their responsibilities under the licensing statute.

Detangling Insurance

This segment covers current issues in construction defect insurance. The instructor will discuss what is a covered claim. Attendees will learn about how to detangle policy language as in who is an insured? What is an occurrence? And what is not covered by a standard commercial general liability policy and what to do to ensure you are covered. The segment will also cover different type of insurance products currently utilized on large construction projects.

Construction Liens

This course covers all the practical aspects regarding Florida’s mechanic lien statute. Issues discussed will include, preliminary notices, recording the lien, perfecting the lien, lien defenses, and lien releases.

Florida Building Code

This course is an overview of the recent changes to the Florida Building Code.

Workplace Safety

This segment covers practical issues involving safety on the construction site. This topic will cover OSHA requirements, statistics relating to lost time injuries and how to promote safety-oriented mentality within the construction workforce and recent developments in safety equipment and enforcement.

Bond Claims Deconstructed

This session will discuss bond claims under Florida Statute 713, 255 and 371 and Miller Act claims. The instructor will discuss preliminary notice and how to perfect a bond claim. The session will also discuss the surety defenses to a bond claim. The session will also discuss subcontractor default insurance as an alternative to subcontractor bonding.

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Construction Contracts

Top 5 Sticking Points. This course will cover 5 of the top problematic contract clauses for contractors. The instructor will discuss the importance of understanding how these clauses shift risk between the owner, design professional, contractor, and subcontractor.

Wind Mitigation Methodologies

This course discusses the wind mitigation methodologies found in F.S. 553.844. It covers the prescriptive methods in the Florida Building Code to mitigate property damage to single-family residential properties constructed before the implementation of the Florida Building Code.

For more information contact Ruth Tirado at or call 954-580-2950.

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