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Construction Apprenticeships in South Florida

“We Recruit, Educate, and Train the skilled work force who drives the construction industry forward”.  Whether you’re interested in becoming an electrician or a member of a commercial plumbing company, ABC Institute is here to give you the tools you need to be successful throughout your career. More importantly, we have long-standing relationships with contracting companies throughout South Florida. We view our job referral abilities as an integral part of our organization’s role in preparing you for your career. Construction apprenticeships throughout South Florida provide you with the opportunity to advance and explore new career opportunities.

Construction Apprenticeships in South Florida

Advance and Grow Your Career in Construction

One of the best things about pursuing apprenticeship is your ability to work while learning the tools of the trade. While you’re enrolled at ABC Institute, you’ll be getting hands-on experience on job sites throughout South and Central Florida. Even better, apprentices earn more than many other fields, with an average pay rate of graduates is $57,741, and because their employer covers their education, they have zero student debt. From there, you can become a craft professional, a crew leader or foreman, a site superintendent, advance to senior management, or into project management positions. You can even start your own company.

On the Job Learning Referral Services

We offer job referrals in a variety of trades, including:

More than 40 Years of Educating Trade and Management Professionals

For over 40 years ABC Institute has offered construction apprenticeship programs accredited by the Florida Department of Education and Department of Labor. We provide education and practical hands on learning in many different trades, including safety, management, superintendent, foreman, and others. Whether you are new to the trade, need complete training or a refresher, our South Florida Education Centers are here to help. We have campuses conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Coconut Creek, Doral and Cocoa. In addition, we offer our services conveniently at contractors’ worksites or office

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