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Find a Full Curriculum of Construction Courses at ABC Institute

Are you a recent graduate trying to plan your future career? Are you contemplating a career change? A career in construction could be an excellent option for you. If you enjoy the outdoors, are a self-starter, pioneer, take-charge leader, creative thinker, or team player, you’ll likely find a career in construction very rewarding. The ABC Institute offers a variety of construction education programs in South Florida to help you break into this business. We offer a way for our students to learn a trade and earn certifications without accruing a mountain of student debt. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our programs and individual construction courses. We’re ready to help you find the right job in the construction business.

Let Us Help You Start a New Construction Career

The ABC Institute has the experience, knowledge, commitment, and resources to help you start a career in construction. We also offer courses to help you achieve advanced knowledge and skill in your current trade. The best part is you’ll end the program with no student debt, and you will earn money while you learn. Let us help you get connected and ready for work with current contractors in the industry. We put you on a path to succeed by offering:

  • Construction Trade Programs: We currently offer programs in six construction trades, including electrical, fire sprinkler, HVAC, line erector, plumbing, and roofing. Each trade program will take about three to four years to complete, but you will be able to earn money as you learn your new trade.
  • Construction Training: We offer professional training courses for a variety of construction jobs. We can help you become a construction manager, a construction engineer, or anything in between. Our training is designed to be quick, so you can enter the workforce and start earning money.
  • Construction Qualifications: We ensure every student who completes our programs meets all the qualifications needed to start a career in the construction industry. We are here to set you up for success.

Let the ABC Institute get you ready for work and connected with contractors. NO STUDENT DEBT and You Earn While You Learn!
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What to Expect in Our Construction Education Programs

We have several construction programs designed to help you succeed in a new career. In every program we offer, you’ll learn about the industry and gain valuable skills through hands-on experience. We even have a program designed specifically for those pursuing a career in project management, teaching you everything you need to know to become an effective leader. This will include an in-depth look at software tools utilized by current professionals and how that impacts the job. You can expect to take part in classroom training as well as on-the-job experiences.

Construction Education in South Florida

Receive Professional Certification Upon Completion

When you enroll in a program at the ABC Institute, you are signing up to complete professional training, which means you’ll earn valuable certifications upon your completion of each course. These are nationally-recognized credentials that will make you more desirable to potential employers. Our programs are the perfect way to invest in yourself and your future. You can receive the following nationally recognized credential with completion of our programs:

  • OSHA 10 Card
  • ABC Institute Certificate of Promotion
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Certificate
  • Certificate from the Florida Department of Education and U.S. Department of Labor upon completion
  • Additional credentials and certifications can be earned depending on the chosen trade

What Makes Our Programs Different

At the ABC Institute, we strive to provide the best educational experience for those in our programs. We want to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in your new construction career, which is why we work so hard to provide an enriching experience for our students. Our programs are different from others in the following ways:

  • Non-Profit Organization: Because we are non-profit, our priority is helping you by providing quality training and important connections in the construction industry.
  • Low-Cost: You won’t have to worry about accruing student debt, as our programs are affordable and allow you to earn as you learn. They’re also convenient with our multiple locations, open enrollment, and online options.
  • Short-Term: We have short-term programs designed to get you working faster. We also offer advanced training that you can complete while you work to further your knowledge.
  • Large Network: We can help you succeed because we have a large network of employers and contractors, which will ensure you find a job upon your program completion.
  • Hands-On Education: Though you will spend some time in the classroom, you’ll also complete hands-on lab work that will allow you to put the theory into practice.

Contact Us to Enroll Today

Are you ready to put yourself on the path to success? The ABC Institute wants to help you get there with our many construction training programs. You can change your future for the better in as few as three years or even less, depending on the program you choose. Whether you want to be a construction manager, a plumber, or an HVAC technician, we have a trades program for you. We are proud to offer the best construction education in South Florida. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our many programs. We can’t wait to help you start your new career!

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